How to Save Money on Your Multipure Purchases

Saturday, November 15, 2014 - by Water2Drink

Have you wondered why Multipure product prices are not discounted, and whether it’s possible to receive any type of discount on Multipure products?

Multipure produces superior water filtration products, and the performance of these products is tested and certified by NSF, the organization that sets the industry standards for objectively comparing drinking water systems.  As such, the prices set by the manufacturer reflect their extensive investment in research and development, product design, performance testing, and system warranties and guarantees.  Therefore, Multipure believes its prices are fair and reflect the superior quality being offered to you, the customer; therefore, neither Multipure nor their distributors #discount the purchase price of these products. 

Nonetheless, can save you money on your next Multipure purchase. If you are looking to buy a water filtration system, select the popular Filtermania option.  This offer (available on the Aquadome, Aquaversa and Aquaperform systems) bundles the cost of 10 years of replacement filters into the initial purchase price, and you receive the water filter system for free.   Your initial shipment includes the free water filtration unit and one filter.  Shortly thereafter, you receive coupons for the remaining nine filters. A week or two before you need to replace the filter, simply mail in one of the coupons to Multipure and a new replacement filter cartridge will be shipped directly to you.  The Filtermania offer locks in the cost of replacement filters for 10 years at today’s prices, and Multipure only charges you the current shipping fee of the filter. This attractive offer is expected to be eliminated in 2015, so now is the time to get your free water filtration system!

For new system purchases, Multipure also allows distributors to offer a purchase promotion to their customers.  Multipure purchase promotions change every quarter, and they can be combined with the #Filtermania promotion. With the purchase of a new drinking water system, in the past we have offered a free Aquashower Filter, a discount on a specific product, or a promotional product such as an Emergency Filter.  This purchase promotion is offered exclusively through Water2Drink as a Multipure distributor.

If you already own a #Multipure system, another way to save is by joining the Automatic Filter Replacement Plan.  By signing up for automatic annual filter replacement, you can take 15% off the retail price of a Multipure CB6, CB6AD or CB11As replacement filter cartridge, both now and on future purchases.  Multipure will ship to you a fresh new replacement filter cartridge every 12 months and charge your credit card for the discounted purchase price (plus shipping and sales tax, where applicable).

These cost saving opportunities are always showcased on the website.  Simply click on “Current Promotions” under the Buy Now tab to all current offers. You can select the promotion during online checkout, or call us to place your order and take advantage of these cost savings over the phone.

You can save money buying a Multipure! 

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