Unrivaled Arsenic Contamination Reduction You Can Depend On

The Last Water Filter You Will Ever Need!

Extensive performance certifications, an incredible product warranty, and a money-back guarantee make the Multipure Aquaperform the safe, healthy choice for you and your family. The Aquaperform is one of the most technologically advanced water treatment devices available. The Aquaperform reduces the same extensive list of contaminants that the Multipure Aquaversa systems address, PLUS ARSENIC! 

Highly effective in reducing arsenic
Certified reduction of PFOA/PFOS and Microcystin
Proven solid carbon block filter technology
Wastes no water, requires no electricity to operate
Preserves healthy minerals in drinking water
NSF-tested and certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53
Lifetime housing warranty and 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
Simple annual filter cartridge replacement
600-Gallon filter life (rated for 960 gallons with capacity monitor)
Flow rate 1.0 gpm at 60 psi
Four installation options: below sink, below sink with capacity monitor, countertop, and inline

Aquaperform for Below Sink

  • Below sink drinking water filter with faucet

Aquaperform for Below Sink with Capacity Monitor

  • Below sink drinking water filter with faucet and capacity monitor

Aquaperform for Countertop

        1. Countertop drinking water filter with faucet diverter valve

Aquaperform for Inline

        1. Inline drinking water with no installation hardware