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Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - by Water2Drink

Recently, we received feedback from our customer, D. Dixon, about our website: “I'm really liking your website. Full of great information, especially the links to the EWG water quality data and the cross reference to filters by chemicals treated.” Today, Water2Drink would like to highlight some features of our website that may help you with your water filtration purchase.
Our website,, is full of useful information regarding the entire Multipure family of water filtration systems.  We believe that this information is critical for our customers to become better educated on how Multipure’s solid carbon block filter is superior to other technologies on the market.  We encourage our customers to explore our website in depth to learn how and why the #Multipure products are so highly effective at #contaminant reduction.
Thanks to our customer, D. Dixon, here are a few suggestions on where to begin:
EWG U.S. Tap Water Quality Database.  This link (under “Useful Links” on the bottom of our home page) takes you to the Environmental Working Group’s National Drinking Water Database.  On this page, you can enter your zip code and/or your water company’s name, and the Database will provide the results of testing done by the water company.  It will specifically list the contaminants that exceed health guidelines in your own water supply. Knowing this information, you can use our Detailed Product Information link (described below) to pinpoint the #water filtration system that will best meet your needs.
Detailed product information. We provide a link to every Multipure product’s Specification Sheet (describing benefits, features and specifications), Performance Data Sheet (providing the list of contaminants reduced), and Owner’s Manual (including Warranty, Installation, Operation and Maintenance information).  These links are located under “Product Manuals” in our Resource Center, and are especially helpful in determining which system will address your specific needs.  They also provide advance information for your plumber or installer, should they have any hardware, fittings, or installation questions.

The Multipure Challenge.  This link is located in our Resource Center, under the “How a Multipure Water Filter Works” tab.  The Multipure Challenge is a cross reference list of common, harmful contaminants and the filter technologies that address them.  Only Multipure’s solid carbon block filtration system effectively reduces all contaminants, while not eliminating the naturally occurring, healthful dissolved minerals.

We at are passionate about Multipure products for a healthy lifestyle, and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.  Contact us with your questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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