How a Multipure Water Filter Works

The Science Behind Carbon Block Technology

  • Inside the Solid Carbon Block FilterLearn how Multipure Solid Carbon Block filters achieve superior water filtration to deliver healthier water.
  • Contaminant ReductionSee the list contaminants the Multipure Drinking Water System is proven effective in reducing.
  • Filtration Processes at Work Explore how Multipure combines electrokinetic adsorption, mechanical filtration and chemical/physical adsorption in one highly effective filter.
  • Other Treatment Technologies Investigate the limitations of other popular solutions to drinking water filtration, as compared to Mulitpure Solid Carbon Block filters.
  • NSF Testing Certification

    Research which NSF testing standards apply to drinking water filters, and what NSF certification means for you.

Multipure is the Safe Choice

Multipure Drinking Water Systems provide cleaner, more delicious, more healthful water whenever you need it, right at your kitchen sink. Multipure’s exclusive Solid Carbon Block filter reduces a wide range of contaminants of health concern without removing the beneficial minerals in the water. This makes Multipure water ideal for everything from food preparation, to cooking, to drinking.

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Why Multipure & Water2Drink?

1Superior Performance

Multipure Drinking Water Systems reduce a greater number of contaminants of health concern when compared to competitive products. Multipure leads the industry in reducing contaminants, constantly innovating and improving filter performance.

2NSF Tested & Certified

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are performance tested and certified by NSF International. This independent certification guarantees that the products will live up to your expectations and deliver the protection your family wants and needs.

3Lifetime Warranty

Multipure stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry and a satisfaction guarantee. The filter housings come with a Lifetime Warranty – your lifetime – and a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

4Expert Customer Service

Water2Drink provides expert customer service to assist you in evaluating your personal drinking water concerns, and help you determine the Multipure Drinking Water System and accessories that are best suited to satisfy your individual needs.