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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - by Water2Drink

An outstanding new documentary aired tonight on PBS. “Nova: Poisoned Water,” outlines the water delivery system to our homes and businesses, and it uses the water disaster in Flint, MI as “a cautionary tale.” You can also find the program at this link.

To recap, the Flint, MI water crisis of 2014 began when the city switched its water supply from Lake Huron, to the #Flint River. However, chemical reactions between the river water and the lead pipes that delivered Flint’s water caused the pipes to corrode and eventually leach lead into the drinking water supply, thereby poisoning the water throughout the city. The #leadcontamination was found and exposed by a Virginia Tech researchers such as Marc Edwards, who also gained national attention in Washington, DC, a decade earlier.

The same contamination happened in Washington, DC, in 2004. “A coverup of lead problems in Washington’s water helped promote the notion that children couldn’t be seriously injured” by contaminated water, according to a Washington Post article, “The Scary Story About How Lead Gets Into Drinking Water” by #VickyHallett. The city governments of both Washington, DC and Flint, MI relied upon a protective coating called “scale,” which normally forms as a chemical reaction between pipes and properly treated drinking water. Washington and Flint both overlooked vital corrosion control measures when the water source changed, says the #WashingtonPost article. wants you to be aware of the many types of lead contamination and the science behind how it can occur in your drinking water system. respects the work that #VirginiaTech is doing to alert the public about drinking water contamination in these major cities, but we also believe everyone should become knowledgeable about the water supply in their own city or town.

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