Why You Need a Water Filtration System

Inexpensive Clean Water, When and Where You Need It

You can live without many, many things in your life. You even can endure for more than a week without any food. But you cannot live without daily access to safe drinking water. Your life literally depends upon it. The key question is, what’s your source?

It’s true that water, like the air you breathe, is for the most part free. With water, what you pay for is the quality of the water and its delivery to the point of use. So, why do you need a drinking water filtration system?

Most people take it on faith that the water coming from the tap in their home is safe to drink. And, generally speaking, it is. Well, at least it passes minimum government standards for quality and safety. But how comfortable are you that the government standards applied to your drinking water really are stringent enough, and enforced well enough, to protect your family’s health 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? While treating water by adding chlorine to the water supply to kill water-borne diseases has been a tremendous boon to the health of the general population in developed countries, it is a proven fact that chlorine is not good for your body. Chlorine is a good thing right up to the point where you swallow it, and then it’s a bad thing.

The simple solution is to filter your drinking water at the point of use in your home. And if you filter your water to remove chlorine and anything else that makes the water taste bad, why not use a truly effective filtration system that eliminates as many other unhealthy contaminants as possible? While there are many, many water filtering alternatives you can consider to remove chlorine and improve the taste of drinking water, there are surprisingly few that are up to the challenging task of eliminating invisible, hard-to-remove contaminants such as Arsenic V. Not all water filtration systems are created equal, and the devil is deep in the details.

The Problems with Bottled Water

OK, so you agree that drinking tap water is not good and you already have switched to drinking bottled water. So, why is installing and using an effective point-of-use drinking water system for in-home use a better approach? Please consider the following:

  • Bottled water is very expensive. A gallon of water purchased from the local grocery store typically costs about twelve times as much or more compared to filtered water ($1.50 per gallon vs. 12¢). If a family of four drank just the minimum recommended daily amount of water per person (64 ounces), the cost would be about $21 plus sales tax per week (14 gallons x $1.50). The comparative cost for Multipure filtered water is just $1.68. Switching to Multipure filtered water will save well over $1,000 every year!

  • Bottled water is not as clean and safe as you might think. Studies of the bottled water industry indicate that the quality level varies significantly from one source to the next. You may not be getting what you are paying for.

  • Bottled water is heavy to lift and transport, and it’s bulky to store. A family of four that drinks the minimum recommended amount of water per person would handle 112 pounds of water each and every week, or nearly 3 tons in a year! Alternately, a point-of-use filtration system would dispense water as needed, a glass or pitcher at a time without the need to store anything. Nothing to transport, nothing to store.

  • Bottled water is inconvenient. Buying bottled water typically requires a trip to the store. When you are about to run out, you must curtail your usage of water or stop what you are doing and make another trip to the store. Alternately, a point-of-use water filtration system provides an unlimited supply of drinking water that is available whenever you want it. Why ration something that is so vital to your good health?

  • Bottled water has a negative environmental impact. Bottled water usually is packaged and sold in a plastic container of some kind. While some of the plastic that’s discarded after the water has been consumed gets recycled by environmentally-conscious consumers, most of it just ends up in a landfill.
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    All units include hardware and materials needed for installation, and the filter is easy to replace. Plus, Multipure Drinking Water Systems come with a 90-day money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty on the housing, and a one year warranty on all accessories.

    Why Multipure & Water2Drink?

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    3Lifetime Warranty

    Multipure stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry and a satisfaction guarantee. The filter housings come with a Lifetime Warranty – your lifetime – and a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

    4Expert Customer Service

    Water2Drink provides expert customer service to assist you in evaluating your personal drinking water concerns, and help you determine the Multipure Drinking Water System and accessories that are best suited to satisfy your individual needs.