Why a Multipure Water Filter May Cost More

It’s A Superior Product!

All drinking water filtration systems are not created equal. Quite simply, Multipure offers a superior product, and it costs more to manufacture and distribute a higher performance product.

There are many drinking water system choices available to you, and at first glance they may seem comparable. But they are not. Even among companies employing solid carbon block technology in their products, they do not match the proven performance of Multipure products. Superior performance equates to a better value for you over the life the product, and it gives you the peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing you are making a safe choice.

So, what makes buying a Multipure product the superior decision for you?

Multipure Products Are More Effective
Your Purchase Decision Is Protected
The Products Are Better Designed
The Company Is Dedicated

Multipure Products Are More Effective

The only meaningful and objective measure of a water filtration system is its actual effectiveness in reducing the broadest array of drinking water contaminants, of which there are a great many (please see the report “A National Assessment of Tap Water Quality” produced by the Environmental Working Group).

Multipure employs a unique Solid Carbon Block Filter in all of their products that provides a more effective filter than competing technologies.

Multipure products have been proven effective in removing or reducing the highest number of contaminants (PDF link) of any of the drinking water products tested by NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™.

Multipure manufactures its Solid Carbon Block Filter cartridges to the highest standards, producing a product performance consistency not found in competitive products employing a similar approach.

Your Purchase Decision Is Protected

The confidence a manufacturer places in its own products is reflected in the guarantees they offer to their customers. Multipure backs its products with a triple guarantee that protects you from the risk of making a poor purchase decision.

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Multipure Drinking Water System, Multipure will refund 100% of the purchase price.

Lifetime Stainless Steel Housing and Plastic Housing Warranty: The exterior housing (canister), whether constructed of stainless steel or plastic, is warranted for use and will be repaired or replaced at "NO CHARGE."

12-Month Accessories Warranty: All exterior hoses and attachments are warranted for use and will be repaired or replaced at "NO CHARGE" for 12 months.

Direct Access to the Manufacturer: You have direct, toll-free access to the manufacturer of your new Multipure Drinking Water System for immediate answers to questions, to place orders for replacement cartridges and parts, and for prompt customer service support on any issue that may arise. Just call Multipure at (800) 622-9206 anytime you would like assistance.

The Products Are Better Designed

Multipure uses the finest quality materials to manufacture all of its products. Just as importantly, the products are engineered to be easy to install and service.

Solid Carbon Block Filter Cartridge: Multipure uses a Solid Carbon Block Filter cartridge that is compacted into a dense structure, causing every molecule of water to be forced through microscopic pores of carbon. The Solid Carbon Block Filter is a replaceable cartridge designed so that it can be easily changed. Some additional advantages of the Solid Carbon Block Filter are that it does not waste water, there is no electricity required, it does not remove essential trace minerals that are beneficial to good health, it does not add salt or silver to the water; and it provides fresh, delicious, healthy drinking water.

Stainless Steel Under-Counter and In-Line Products: The Multipure products designed for installation under the counter are made of high-grade stainless steel and built to last. The housing mounts out of sight, but is easy to access for servicing. Once installed under your sink, there is nothing visible except an elegant and unobtrusive second faucet on your sink. Only the water you intend to drink or ingest needs to be filtered.

Countertop Products: The Multipure countertop units provide effective yet portable drinking water filtration for your home, office, boat, or recreational vehicle. They are available in either polished stainless steel or high-impact white plastic, and are designed to be stationed near a sink. The easy-to-use diverter valve allows the housing to be positioned out of the way and away from the working area of the sink, but available to produce a plentiful supply of high-quality drinking water at the touch of a button.

The Company Is Dedicated

Fresh, Clean Drinking Water – It’s All We Do: Multipure’s only business is producing the highest quality drinking water filtration systems available on the market today. The company is not tempted to divert its research and development dollars to competing products and unrelated internal projects. It focuses exclusively on developing and improving products that address the growing threat of water pollution.

Stable Company: Multipure was founded in 1970, and is a successful, privately-owned family business. From the beginning, Multipure has focused on developing water filtration products. And given the success of the company and the growing demand for its products, Multipure will be in business to support its customers for many more years to come.

In-house Manufacturing of Key Product Components: To ensure that Multipure products maintain quality and consistency, the key component of every Multipure product, the Solid Carbon Block Filter Cartridge, is manufactured in-house by Multipure. The company believes that this is the best way to protect its patented technology and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction with its products.

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Multipure's Solid Carbon Block Filters provide clean, delicious, healthier water for drinking, cooking, beverages, food preparation, and more. And refreshing Multipure water is available whenever you need it, right at your kitchen sink. Multipure’s exclusive three-stage, compressed, activated solid carbon block filter does not remove healthful minerals, but it does reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern.

All units include hardware and materials needed for installation, and the filter is easy to replace. Plus, Multipure Drinking Water Systems come with a 90-day money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty on the housing, and a one year warranty on all accessories.

Why Multipure & Water2Drink?

1Superior Performance

Multipure Drinking Water Systems reduce a greater number of contaminants of health concern when compared to competitive products. Multipure leads the industry in reducing contaminants, constantly innovating and improving filter performance.

2NSF Tested & Certified

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are performance tested and certified by NSF International. This independent certification guarantees that the products will live up to your expectations and deliver the protection your family wants and needs.

3Lifetime Warranty

Multipure stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry and a satisfaction guarantee. The filter housings come with a Lifetime Warranty – your lifetime – and a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

4Expert Customer Service

Water2Drink provides expert customer service to assist you in evaluating your personal drinking water concerns, and help you determine the Multipure Drinking Water System and accessories that are best suited to satisfy your individual needs.