Water is Essential to Life

Did You Know that Two Thirds of Your Body is Water?

Water helps keep your muscles and skin toned, assists in weight loss, transports oxygen and nutrients to cells, eliminates toxins and wastes from the body, and regulates body temperature. Drinking refreshing, clean water plays a major role in reducing the risk of certain diseases.

For better health, drink at least 8 glasses of clean water a day!

Human survival is dependent on water. The average adult body is 55 to 75 percent water. Because our bodies are mostly water, water figures heavily in how our bodies function. Aside from helping digestion and absorption of food, water regulates body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, and removes toxins and other wastes.

Water also cushions joints and protects tissues and organs, including the spinal cord, from shock and damage. Conversely, lack of water (dehydration) can be the cause of many ailments.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

According to Whitney and Hamilton’s Nutrition, soft water (water with the minerals removed) appears to contribute to a higher incidence of hypertension and heart disease in areas where it is used. Hard water (water with the minerals left in) may oppose these conditions.

According to an article in Good Housekeeping, nutritionists have determined that the amount of minerals in your tap water can make a significant difference to your health. The article cited a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association that found that drinking “hard” water may actually reduce your risk of heart disease.

Water and Weight Loss

Water plays a major part in weight loss. Because water contains no calories, it can serve as an appetite suppressant and helps the body metabolize stored fat. It may possibly be one of the most significant factors in losing weight.

Also, drinking more water helps to reduce water retention by stimulating the kidneys. Studies recommend that if you are overweight, you should add one glass of water to your daily requirement for every 25 pounds over your recommended weight.

Are you drinking enough?

Consumer Reports on Health (8/01) says:

Most people don’t drink enough water. Resulting problems can include everything from muscle cramps, headaches and fatigue (especially at the end of the day) to constipation, kidney stones and urinary-tract infections.

What’s the minimum amount of water you need each day?

Do the math:

1. Record your weight
2. Multiply line one by 0.04. This equals pounds of water lost
3. Multiply line two by 2. This is the number of cups of water needed from all sources - food and drink.

At least half should come from water itself... and remember, more is better.

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