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Multipure AquaRO Drinking Water Filter

AquaRO – Comprehensive Filtration Combining Reverse Osmosis with Carbon Block Technology


When you need the most comprehensive solution to protect your family’s health, this drinking water filtration system is the one for you! Sometimes drinking water supplies have particularly difficult contamination problems to solve, and the Multipure AquaRO clearly is up to the challenge. Combining complementary filtration technologies into one effective solution, the AquaRO brings you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything harmful that may be present has been removed from your family’s drinking water.

The Multipure AquaRO combines Multipure’s renowned carbon block filter technology with reverse osmosis technology, making it one of the most technologically advanced drinking water systems in the world today. The AquaRO is certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 58 to reduce Nitrate/Nitrite, Arsenic V, Chloramine, PCBs, Toxaphene, Chlordane, Fluoride, Lead, Mercury, Copper, and much more.

The AquaRO uses no electricity and the impurities removed through the reverse osmosis process are flushed down the drain. The processed water is conveniently stored in a 3-gallon pressurized tank that is small enough to fit neatly under your sink. The system combines three pre-filters, an RO membrane, and Multipure’s Aquaversa as a post-filter to provide you the highest quality water possible. The end result? The freshest, cleanest possible drinking water for you and your family.

Multipure’s AquaRO features 5 stages of filtration to deliver performance that no other device can provide. By combining Multipure’s superior carbon block filter technology with state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology, you will receive the highest quality drinking water possible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Stage 1: Sediment Pre-Filter – The Sediment Pre-Filter screens out particles down to 5 microns, improving the appearance of your water.
  • Stages 2 & 3: Carbon Block Pre-Filters – Next, water passes through two more 5-micron Carbon Block Pre-Filters to ensure that chlorine and other materials that cause your water to taste and smell bad are reduced.
  • Stage 4: RO Membrane – The RO Membrane is a high-production, 50 gpd, thin-film composite semi-permeable membrane that separates unwanted inorganic impurities, such as nitrates, fluoride, etc. from your water. This hyperfiltration membrane reduces salts, certain heavy metals, and other dissolved impurities.
  • Stage 5: Carbon Block Post-Filter – The last stage of the water treatment process, a polishing filter, provides extensive final contaminant removal not addressed in the initial filter stages. Multipure’s densely compacted carbon block filter mechanically intercepts any remaining particles as small as 0.5 micron (sub micron) as well as electrokinectically adsorbs particles by attracting the negative ions of certain contaminants. In addition, the Carbon Block Post-Filter has a large surface area for chemical/physical adsorption, reducing many different organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and certain heavy metals.

  • The Multipure AquaRO delivers safe, deliciously clear drinking water that is convenient and affordable.

    This filter system previously was identified as Multipure model MP750PlusRO.


    Key features of the Multipure AquaRO include:

  • Reverse osmosis water filtration process PLUS compressed carbon block technology for mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption and chemical/physical adsorption processes
  • Filter system is designed to be installed below counter, and includes a chrome faucet that installs on countertop to dispense filtered drinking water
  • Tested and certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 53 (Health Effects), 42 (Aesthetic Effects), 58 (Reverse Osmosis and 401 (Emerging Contaminants) to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern
  • Comes standard with three pre-filter cartridges, one post-filter cartridge, a reverse osmosis membrane, a storage tank, and all required installation hardware
  • Estimated filter life of replaceable components (may vary due to installation environment): Sediment pre-filter (model CBC110) – 6 months, Carbon block pre-filter (model CBC112 – two required) – 6 months, Reverse osmosis membrane (model CB-ROM) – 2 years and Carbon block post-filter (model CB6RO) – 1 year
  • Extensive owner's manual with detailed instruction for installation and troubleshooting
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on housings
  • Great for semi-permanent installation in your home or office
  • Economical to own – Operating cost is 29¢ per gallon

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    What's In the Box


    AquaRO Owner's Manual
    The Owner's Manual provides detailed instructions for installing and maintaining your new water filtration system.

    AquaRO Specifications Sheet
    Detailed specifications for the AquaRO


    Model AquaRO
    MSRP $605.00
    Description 5-Stage below sink water filter
    Filtration Technology Reverse osmosis membrane & activated solid carbon blocks
    Recommended Service Cycle Replace Stages 1, 2 & 3 @ 6 months; Stage 5 @ 12 months; Stage 4 @ 24 months
    Replacement Filter Cartridge Models CBC110 (Stage 1); (2)CBC112 (Stages 2 & 3); CB-ROM (Stage 4); CB6RO (Stage 5)
    Estimated Annual Maintenance Cost $219.50
    Installation Location Mounts below counter
    Inlet 1/4" Pipe
    Outlet 1/4" Pipe
    Compliance Certification NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 58 & 401
    Average Influent TDS 765 mg/L
    Average Effluent TDS 23 mg/L
    Daily Production Rate 17.32 gpd
    Efficiency Rating 8.91%
    Recovery Rating 16.34%
    Capacity of Tank 1.8~2.5 gal.
    Approximate Flow Rate @ 60 psi 0.50 gpm
    pH Parameters 3 pH to 11 pH
    Iron 0.2 ppm maximum
    TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) <1800 ppm
    Turbidity <5 NTU
    Hardness <10 grains per gal. / 171 mg/L of hardness as CaCO3
    Maximum Operating Pressure 100 psi — 7.0 kg/cm2
    Minimum Operating Pressure 40 psi — 2.8 kg/cm2
    Maximum Operating Temperature 100° F / 38° C - cold water use only
    Minimum Operating Temperature 32° F / 0° C - cold water use only
    Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime housing; 1 year on accessories


    Click to view a PDF version of these specifications


    AquaRO Booster Pump – Part #ROPUMP

    The reverse osmosis process requires a certain level of water pressure to work properly, so low water source pressure can prevent water from pushing through the RO membrane in the system. To alleviate this issue, the AquaRO Booster Pump increases the source water pressure, allowing the AquaRO to properly filter the water.

    AquaRO Zero Waste Retro-fit Kit – Part #ROZW

    Patented Zero Waste Retro-fit Kit turns your Multipure AquaRO system into a higher production, 100% recovery RO. All RO systems waste as much as 12 gallons of water for every 1 gallon produced, but the Zero Waste Retro-fit Kit will allow you to use every gallon (connection to electrical outlet required).

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    AquaRO Air Gap Faucet
    AquaRO Installation Hardware
    AquaRO Complete System
    AquaRO Prefilters & RO Membrane
    AquaRO Water Storage Tank
    AquaRO Booster Pump Optional Accessory
    AquaRO Zero Waste Kit Optional Accessory
    AquaRO Aquaversa Post Filter

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