Reviews & Testimonials

Easy to Use on My Mobile Phone
Mr. Wilson – Midlothian, Virginia

"Website looks great and was easy to use on my mobile phone. Products were easy to see. Even the shopping cart was formatted to be clear and simple to use. Email confirmation was prompt and clear. Nice attention to details that made buying easier. Oh, and the price was right, too."

Knowledgeable and Helpful
Ms. Jennifer B. – New Canaan, Connecticut

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Ron. He was so very helpful this week in the purchase of our Multipure system. He answered TONS and TONS of questions over this past week. He was so knowledgeable, and so helpful. We ordered our filter on Monday morning and its installed and working today -- Thursday! Thanks so much.”

Easy to Manage Website
Ms. Beachler – Menlo Park, California

“Just wanted to thank you for a very easy to manage website.  Your videos on what’s in the box helped me sort through the options and know exactly what I needed.  They were also useful in showing my contractor what to expect.  I was also delighted to discover that the price had dropped when I placed my order!”

Peace of Mind
Ms. Crossman – LaCrosse, Virginia

“I began using a Multipure water filter in 1983, and I am still using the same under-counter unit. I received it as a gift, and I took it with me as I twice moved from one home to the next. Whenever I have needed anything, the response from the manufacturer, Multipure, always has been flawless: courteous, helpful and expedient.

“I like the taste of the water, especially in my coffee, tea and drinking water. The unit is hooked up to my icemaker as well. It means a lot to me to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the filter is removing chemicals from my water.”

No Competition 
Mr. Thomas – Bowie, Maryland

“I can’t drink any water that’s not filtered. I know what’s in the public water supply. I’ve used a Multipure system in four different homes so far, and have both an under-the-counter permanent unit and a countertop portable unit. I don’t know where I’d be without it. I hate to drink bottled water – reports say there are unsavory additives in it.

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with the company (Multipure). In the past 20 years, I have introduced at least 40 people to Multipure products. If someone looks at the facts, there’s really no real competition for Multipure.”

Great Product and Service
Mr. Goganian – Beaverton, Oregon

“I would recommend you and Multipure without hesitation. You have a great product and great service, which (sadly) are getting harder to find!”

Recommended by a Friend
Ms. White – Springfield, Virginia

“I have owned a Multipure water filter for less than 1 year. I knew it was a great product because of what my friend told me. I knew he was a Multipure Builder and trusted his advice. I had been drinking the water at his house for years and I liked the taste. I really wanted an out-of-sight unit that did not take up any counter space.

“Before I bought the filter, I often bought bottled water. I started getting worried about the news in my home town regarding lead in the water, and so I decided to buy a Multipure filter. I hate to carry bottled water!”

Big Savings
Ms. Eckart – San Antonio, Texas

“Our local water is horrible and I can’t stand the taste. I refuse to drink water in restaurants. My Multipure filter makes my water taste fantastic. Multipure was recommended to me by a friend. I used to buy bottled water, but Multipure water tastes better. Now I refill water bottles and carry them with me. I also have seen big savings from filtering water in-house. I’m a believer – I love it!

“I regularly buy replacement cartridges directly from Multipure. I like their auto-ship program, so I don’t have to remember when it’s time to replace the cartridge. I like dealing directly with Multipure to buy replacement cartridges so I don’t have to track down my Builder.”

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Multipure Products

Founded in 1970, Multipure is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of drinking water systems and compressed solid carbon block filters. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Multipure employs over 300 people, and is committed to being an eco-friendly company that provides the people of the world with the best quality drinking water at an affordable price. Multipure is a member of the Water Quality Association, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.

Multipure's Solid Carbon Block Filters provide clean, delicious, healthier water for drinking, cooking, beverages, food preparation, and more. And refreshing Multipure water is available whenever you need it, right at your kitchen sink. Multipure’s exclusive three-stage, compressed, activated solid carbon block filter does not remove healthful minerals, but it does reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern.

Experience You Can Trust.

Water2Drink is the 2014 Multipure Sales Team of the Year has the knowledge and depth of experience to guide our customers in making optimal water filtration system choices. Each member of our team takes the time to first listen to our customers before making any recommendations, making sure that we understand what unique drinking water problems our customers may be facing. We only recommend products and solutions that have a proven track record and best suit the needs of our customers. Year after year, has been recognized by Multipure as one of their leading Builders, serving customers as a trusted source for all things Multipure.

Why Multipure & Water2Drink?

1Superior Performance

Multipure Drinking Water Systems reduce a greater number of contaminants of health concern when compared to competitive products. Multipure leads the industry in reducing contaminants, constantly innovating and improving filter performance.

2NSF Tested & Certified

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are performance tested and certified by NSF International. This independent certification guarantees that the products will live up to your expectations and deliver the protection your family wants and needs.

3Lifetime Warranty

Multipure stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry and a satisfaction guarantee. The filter housings come with a Lifetime Warranty – your lifetime – and a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

4Expert Customer Service

Water2Drink provides expert customer service to assist you in evaluating your personal drinking water concerns, and help you determine the Multipure Drinking Water System and accessories that are best suited to satisfy your individual needs.