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Monday, August 31, 2015 - by Water2Drink

“An Alaska company is planning to be the first to ship massive amounts of fresh water to drought-plagued California, potentially as much as 10 million gallons a month,” so says a recently published article by USA Today.

A former bottled water company executive, Terry Trapp (now CEO of Alaska Bulk Water), says his company has the rights to take up to 9 billion gallons of water from the Blue Lake in Sitka, AK. He would ship fresh water from #Alaska via tankers to help relieve the drought in California. However, California water experts are doubtful of the cost efficiency of this option.

“Ideas like this ‘are technologically feasible but economically unreasonable,’” says Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute, in the #USAToday article. The #PacificInstitute is a global water think tank based in Oakland, CA, and he believes there are many such ideas about shipping #freshwater without understanding the cost issues involved.

Sustainable water management must look at all facets of water sourcing. While it may be possible to provide water distribution from other areas of the country, the cost of that distribution and associated environmental impacts must also be considered. We may be able to bring water to drought stricken areas, but at what cost to the planet? What will we be adding to #globalwarming by burning fossil fuels in the tanker ships and trucks that deliver the water?

There are ways to be sure you are getting the most healthful, economical water possible. First, by using your local municipal water supply instead of buying bottled water, you are not contributing negatively to the environment. #Water2Drink recommends the use a high quality, point of use water filtration system, such as a Multipure Drinking Water System that is NSF-tested and certified to remove the most potential contaminants. A Multipure filter is designed to work with your locally treated water source. You may also purchase a #Multipure Drinking Water System that includes a capacity monitor, to ensure you are receiving the most gallons from the solid carbon-block filter. A correctly installed Multipure Drinking Water System from provides clean drinking water for just $0.09 per gallon, with no waste.*

While you may not pay shipping costs for your water, you may be paying the price with your #health. Water2Drink can help you decide which Multipure filter is the most effective and economical choice for you and your family’s needs.
*To eliminate waste, the Multipure AquaRO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System requires a Zero-Waste kit. All RO systems waste as much as 12 gallons of water for each gallon produced. However, the Zero Waste kit allows every gallon to be used.

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