No New Water

Saturday, August 22, 2015 - by Water2Drink

When today’s news is full of #drought reports, parched farms, mandatory water restrictions, and environmental disasters that affect U.S. water supplies, it begs the question: how do we find more water?

The answer is, there is no new water. If you think about it, Earth is a self-sustaining environment. The air, earth, plants, and water that are available today are all recycled or regenerated from earlier generations of same. The trees and plants take in the carbon dioxide that we exhale, and in turn, emit oxygen that breathing organisms need to survive. The earth – the dirt and rocks and bedrock on which we live – is recycled by tectonic plates, one plate sinking under another, and regenerated as lava through volcanic activity. And the water cycle – the process by which water circulates on the earth – is a closed system. There is no “new” fresh water coming to the earth from distant places. As a culture, we need to be more open-minded about how to meet the increasing water needs of humanity.

Earlier this year, the New York Times posted an article online about the recycling of wastewater into a potable water source. When confronted with the idea of purifying and re-using #wastewater, many people are squeamish about the process. According to the NY Times, “water recycling is common for uses like irrigation.” But Orange County, CA has been operating a purification plant since 2008, and the treated water is used “to replenish the area’s aquifers and … diluted by the natural water supply. This environmental buffer seems to provide an emotional buffer for consumers as well.”

Besides Southern #California, other water municipalities are reusing water as well. In 2011, USA Today reported, “the drinking water supply of Fairfax Water, which serves 1.7 million in Northern Virginia… has included recycled sewage water since the 1970s.” In Singapore, nearly 5 million residents have accepted recycled wastewater, “used largely for industrial purposes… [but] increasingly, it’s also running out of Singapore’s taps,” says #USAToday.

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