The Animas River Spill

Friday, August 14, 2015 - by Water2Drink

Riverhugger 6 August 2015

By now you’ve probably seen the news of the recent pollution at the Gold King Mine near #Durango, Colorado. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), tasked with monitoring and assessing abandoned mines, accidentally destroyed a dam that contained heavy metals used in gold mining. About three million gallons of contaminated waste water spilled into a tributary of the Animas River.

Just last week, #Water2Drink blogged our belief that the EPA is a reliable resource of information regarding the laws and regulations for clean water, air, and land issues. We stand by that position and believe the #EPA has been forthcoming about the scope of the damage. The EPA is working with the local agencies and state officials to respond to citizen’s concerns and ensure the health and safety of the river and surrounding environment, and of those citizens whose water source has been impacted.

As a result of this accident, CBS News reports that “the plume of heavy metals, including arsenic and lead, flowed into southwest Colorado’s #Animas River and also into the San Juan River in New Mexico.” As the cleanup continues, these #heavymetals will be present in aquifers and other water sources unless removed by water utility companies. According to the CBS News website, “The EPA said it will be Monday at least, but perhaps take weeks more, before test results can help show what hazardous materials are in the water. The higher the concentrations, the higher the cost of removing heavy metals.”

If you have been impacted by the Animas River spill in #Colorado or #NewMexico, you can protect your health and the health of your family by using a point-of-use water filtration system in your home. The Multipure Aquaperform Drinking Water System (MP880 series) is one of the most technologically advanced water treatment systems available for the home. It effectively reduces heavy metal contaminants such as lead to 99.3%, mercury to 99%, and arsenic up to 99.9%. These reductions are tested and certified independently by NSF International, a noted authority. The #Multipure MP880 series is also economical to own, as its’ long filter life provides up to a year’s capacity of heavy metal reduction for just pennies a gallon.

Contact today to learn more about the Multipure Aquaperform MP880 and how it can reduce the greatest number of contaminants, providing you with peace of mind during an uncertain water event such as this.

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