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27 August 2014 W.Carter

So, you’ve decided to purchase a drinking water filter to use in your home. How can you easily and effectively evaluate all of the choices in today’s market? recommends starting with facts that you can objectively compare with other drinking water solutions. Objective data can be collected and compared for the following types of information:
  1. Does it hold #NSF International performance certifications?
  2. What are the number of #contaminants this filter is certified to reduce?
  3. What is my price per filtered gallon?
  4. What is the product warranty?
  5. What is the company’s return policy?
  6. Reputation – How long has this manufacturer has been in business?
The answers to these and other frequently asked questions will help pinpoint a high quality, reasonably priced drinking water system such as a Multipure Drinking Water System. The information you gain in researching these questions will help you answer why you need a water filtration system (Questions 1 and 2), the financial savings and the return on your investment of a #Multipure filter (Question 3), and the health and stability of the manufacturer in regards to both the product and the mission of the company (Questions 4 & 5, warranty and returns, and Question 6-reputation).

Once you begin to look at a Multipure Drinking Water System, you will soon understand what makes the Multipure family of products superior to other products in the marketplace, and why the investment is a lifelong commitment to your health. Contact today and let us answer any additional questions you may have about a Multipure Drinking Water System.

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