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Monday, June 1, 2015 - by Water2Drink

Recently, Water2Drink participated in a charitable event organized by #Multipure International’s Pure Foundation. The Pure Foundation was conceived to operate a charitable organization dedicated to the education, assistance, and improvement of health for people without access to healthy, clean water.

In April of 2015, The Pure Foundation’s founder, Jennifer Rice (Executive VP of Administration, Multipure), several Multipure employees, and 12 Multipure distributors including #Water2Drink, visited Edgewood, a children’s charitable organization in San Francisco, CA. We spent the day installing Multipure Drinking Water Systems and Water Coolers in nearly every building on the grounds. These cottages and buildings were built in the early part of the 20th century, and the residents and staff who live and work in the buildings were not receiving the benefit of #healthywater. The Pure Foundation donated over twenty Drinking Water Systems and installed them all, and will continue to provide maintenance support and replacement filters for life at no cost to Edgewood. What an incredible gift of support and dedication to the care of these young people!

The Pure Foundation wants to improve the lives of children and families everywhere, and we at were honored to be part of the Pure Foundation installation team.  We share the Pure Foundation’s mission of creating a world of clean drinking water for all people.

Contact today if you’d like to learn more about why we are so passionate about improving everyone’s health with fresh, clean drinking water.

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