No Real Health Problem? Who Says?

Monday, April 1, 2013 - by Water2Drink

Don't you just wonder when you see something clearly is wrong, but the people in charge tell everyone there's nothing to worry about? 

A recent local news article about an old school in San Bernardino County, California, illustrates the question. In spite of the school's water having an "odd taste and odor," the local health department is telling everyone there's "no real health problem with the campus' aging plumbing." But everyone should stop and think about what it means for water to meet just the minimum EPA standard, and the full scope of that statement. It's well known that the EPA has established minimum standards for relatively few of the thousands of chemicals found in the environment. And the minimums are based as much on what is economically feasible for local water authorities to remove from the water as it is what actually is healthy for you. Zero or close to it seems like a better minimum level.

Bottom line: Don't drink water you don't know is safe. How can you know for certain? Before you drink it, filter the water yourself using a reliable water filter that has been tested and proven effective by NSF International. Anything else is just gambling with your health and the health of your family.

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