How Exposed Are You?

Friday, March 13, 2015 - by Water2Drink

An interesting study came across the news desk this week. It is the 2014 Silent Spring Institute’s “Scientists Identify Highest Priority Toxic Chemicals to Target for Breast Cancer Prevention Study Fact Sheet.” This fact sheet gives breast cancer prevention tips by “identifying high-priority chemicals and evaluating tools to measure exposure” to suspected carcinogens.

The measurement methods are called “exposure biomarkers.” They can be used to study cancer risk and assist the public in reducing exposure to known or suspected toxins.  Many chemicals, though, have never been studied because there was no reliable way to measure exposure to carcinogens. Scientists need to track exposures to toxins to determine where they come from and to investigate if exposure reduction efforts make a difference.

The Silent Spring Institute study is easy to read and understand.  The study “evaluated 102 common chemicals that cause mammary tumors in laboratory studies of rodents.”  Many of these chemicals are from gasoline and the petroleum industries. More specifically, the study says “Drinking water can contain mammary carcinogens, such as byproducts of disinfection or solvents that are common well water contaminants.”

While the study provides implications for public health, more importantly it contains a section that addresses how to reduce your personal exposures (#SilentSpring Study, Page 5).  And while this study focuses on #breastcancer, the ways in which to reduce or eliminate the risks could apply to many #cancers. There are many practical and easy steps, such as avoiding fuel and exhaust (petroleum), using ventilation fans, and properly storing solvents and other chemicals. The most significant suggestion is: “Use and maintain a solid carbon block drinking water filter.”

The entire Multipure family of drinking water systems feature a solid carbon block filter that is NSF-tested and certified to the sub-micron level.  A #Multipure Drinking Water System does an amazing job of reducing chloramine, chlorine, disinfection by-products, and dozens of other contaminants, both naturally occurring and man-made.

Your health is our first concern, and by drinking cleaner, healthful water, you can only improve your health.  A Multipure Drinking Water System offers superior quality, innovation, and performance with its solid carbon block filter. Contact Water2Drink today and begin to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins.

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