Does Your Local School Serve Toxic Water?

Thursday, February 19, 2015 - by Water2Drink

California has myriad water woes, and here’s another one to consider. Seven years ago, the local NBC4 I-Team investigated Los Angeles area schools that had children drinking from potentially unsafe water fountains.  The schools had old fountains and pipes made with lead that leached into the drinking water.   Today, thousands of schoolchildren in L.A. are still drinking from these fountains.
The NBC4 story states the Los Angeles Unified School District (#LAUSD) would solve the problem by having the water lines to each fountain flushed daily, running the water for a minimum of 30 seconds at the beginning of each school day.  The schools were to keep logs for proof that the lines were flushed.  But a 2013 audit report says one #school was found to have falsified the logs, and an additional six schools claimed they had followed the policy but in fact hadn’t.

Lead leaching from older pipes and fixtures is a chronic problem in older buildings like schools, and this problem can occur in any school district in the country. The problem is exacerbated when communities use chloramine to disinfect their water, which accelerates #lead leaching.  Chloramine is a disinfectant that is formed by mixing chlorine with ammonia.  It is a less effective disinfectant than chlorine, but is longer lasting and stays in the water system as it is transported to the point of use.

The solution? Carry fresh, filtered water from home, using a Multipure Drinking Water System from Water2Drink.  The #Multipure family of drinking water systems are all tested and certified to reduce #chloramine, along with dozens of other contaminants, metals, PCBs, and cysts.  Using a Multipure system for your drinking water costs just $.09 cents a gallon, and provides assurance that you are using a superior water filter in removing or reducing the highest number of contaminants. is happy to answer your questions about choosing the best #waterfilter for your family’s needs.

Give your kids a head start by giving them clean, Multipure-filtered water. 

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