The True Cost of Water

Friday, February 6, 2015 - by Water2Drink

If you are purchasing bottled water for convenience, have you considered the true cost of that choice?

Bottled water companies spend millions in advertising to convince you that their product is the purest and most healthful available. But bottled water is not well regulated or safer than tap water.  More than 25% of bottled water comes from municipal (public) supplies, and bottlers are not required to list the water source on the label. This means your bottled water could have come from a well located near a hazardous waste site. It also may contain chemicals that leach from the plastic bottle, in addition to other unknown contaminants present in the water source.

Buying bottled water means you often pay much more per gallon than you pay for gasoline.  A recent search of prices at Walmart revealed one popular brand of bottled water costs $3.73 per gallon.  If buying in bulk at a big box store such as Costco, you could pay $1.56 or more per gallon.  And buying for single use (i.e., from a hotel minibar or convenience store) can be more than $10 per gallon.  When you look at the actual cost per gallon, the true cost of #bottledwater is exorbitant.

Also, the environmental cost of the massive consumption of bottled water is extreme.  Bottles can take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade and, if incinerated, they produce toxic fumes, states The Water Project’s website.  Water bottles provide limited recycling opportunities, because only certain types can be recycled.  Only one out of five bottles are sent to the recycle bin, says The Water Project.

So what is the most practical solution?  Carry and drink your own filtered tap water.  Purchasing and using a high-quality, low maintenance water filtration system such a Multipure Drinking Water System will provide you the freshest, most convenient water source possible.  Owning a #Multipure drinking water system will give you delicious, clean water for only $.09 per gallon.  This is almost 48 times less expensive than imported bottled water.  Having your own certified water filtration system allows you to be in control of the water you ingest.  It also eliminates the environmental impact of both the manufacturing and disposal of all those plastic bottles.

Contact if you have questions about how a Multipure system can save you money and reduce the environmental footprint of plastic water bottles.

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