Your Pet: Merely a Companion, or a Member of the Family?

Saturday, January 31, 2015 - by Water2Drink

For many of us, our pets are not just a companion to us. Pet owners often consider their pets to be an actual family member.  Whether four-legged and #furry, or two-legged and feathery, we want to give our family pets the very best lives we can.
Pet industry expenditures have skyrocketed more than 200% in the past 20 years. Pet owners spare no expense on nutritious food, high quality #veterinary care, holiday presents, and necessary pharmaceuticals or surgeries.  We devote ourselves to ensuring our pets have a quality of life at least as high as our children or other family members.

When providing for the health, safety and comfort of your pet, have you considered the quality of water you are providing?  Using water from the tap or from a garden hose can expose your #pets to contaminants that pose a threat to their health.  These can include arsenic, cysts, lead, PCBs, and radon.  Tap water may be treated in your community, but your pet will ingest the chemicals used in the water treatment process, such as chlorine and chloramine.  Filling up their outdoor water bowl from the garden hose poses an entirely new level of contamination, as garden hoses can contain hazardous chemicals and metals such as parasites, lead, cadmium, bromine, and bisphenol A. Also, keep in mind that unlike residential fixtures, #gardenhoses and fittings are not regulated under the Safe Water Drinking Act.

You wouldn’t knowingly expose your children or other family members to contaminated water.  Your pet’s health is important as well.  Just as we’d recommend using a drinking water system for your entire family, we strongly advocate giving fresh, filtered water to your furry friends too. can help you choose the filter that will reduce the greatest range of contaminants for all of your family members.

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