You Just Never Know

Friday, March 15, 2013 - by Water2Drink

This week there was noteworthy news from California, more specifically from Terminal 6 in LAX airport. During a maintenance operation, potable and non-potable water lines were crossed, sending polluted water to every point in the Terminal. Water fountains, restaurants and everything else down the line suddenly was serving up contaminated water to unwitting thirsty travelers. The problem has since been corrected, but what about the poor souls that were affected before the problem was noticed? Was that you? It could have been.

We simply never know when an accident will happen or a human error will occur that affects the quality of our drinking water. That's equally true at home or on the road. The simple solution that you can implement is to filter your tap water at home at the point of use with an effective water filter. Away from home, you can carry filtered tap water with you in a suitable water bottle. When it's not possible to carry filtered water with you, like when you pass through airport security, you still can carry an empty water bottle with you that has a built-in filter, such as the Multipure wriggle. Bottled water may seem like a good solution when traveling, but everyone needs to be mindful of the increasing cost to the environment as the empty plastic bottle disposal problem continues to grow exponentially. You either can use a water filter or you become the filter! Choose wisely.

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