Announcing: The Multipure Aqualuxe!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Last week, we talked about how to protect yourself from waterborne microbial cysts. This week, the world of water filtration has a new Multipure product to address current concerns about transmittable disease by #bacteria and viruses as well.

At the Multipure 2014 PURE Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV, Multipure International introduced the Aqualuxe, a bold, innovative departure from their other product families. 
What makes this product exceptional? Here is what we believe are the #Aqualuxe’s standout features:
  • Contemporary styling – the housing will be offered in black, white or red. It has a stainless steel pressure vessel with a plastic housing and lifetime warranty (5-year warranty on electronics, 1-year on accessories)
  • Extraordinary performance – this filter will be NSF certified for not only all the #contaminants Multipure products currently are certified for under NSF 42 and 53 (including arsenic), but in addition:
    • NSF P231 – bacteria and virus – 6-log reduction of bacteria (99.9999%) and 4-log reduction of #virus (99.99%) – this is a very big deal!
    • NSF 401 – emerging contaminants, including pharmaceuticals
  • Quick-change cartridge with patented new self-sealing housing design
  • Integrated capacity monitor with replacement filter cartridge, low battery, and system status indicators
  • #WiFi connectivity to monitor system performance remotely and deliver replacement filter cartridges “just in time” via autoship program
  • “FilterSync” technology to help ensure that only fresh, genuine Multipure filter cartridges are utilized
  • Integrated leak detector
  • 500 gallon rated capacity
  • Quick-release hose connectors
  • Below-sink or countertop installation options
We have not seen another product quite like this currently on the market. The expected retail price is $1,080, and the replacement filter cartridge is $150.
This is a remarkable departure from past products for Multipure. They introduced this product concept several years ago to their distributors, and #Multipure has been working hard to bring it to market ever since. It’s exactly what is needed for communities that constantly receive “boil water” alerts, which is happening with increasing frequency, or for anyone who is concerned about the growing #contamination problem in our nation’s water supply.
Multipure has the product on display at their company headquarters, and a select few test marketers have an “ACE” beta version to provide valuable feedback to Multipure.  Multipure is still in the process of obtaining NSF certifications and refining their manufacturing and supply processes, and they estimate that the product will be ready to ship in early 2015.  In the meantime, will soon be updating our website with this new product information, and you will be able to register to be notified when the Aqualuxe becomes available.
Finally! A comprehensive water contamination solution for your home!

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