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Sunday, September 21, 2014 - by Water2Drink

If you are looking for an appropriate Multipure Drinking Water System for your home, you probably have looked at the Aquaversa family of products. In researching the entire Multipure product line, you may have noticed that the Aquaversa MP750 model and the MP1200EL model appear to be identical, with only the addition of a Capacity Monitor on the MP1200EL.  What is the difference between these two filter models?  This is a common question that we hear many times from our customers, and here is an explanation of the key difference.

As you may know, all Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been tested and certified under NSF drinking water filter certification rules.  Under these rules, the manufacturer is permitted to claim only 50% of the "test capacity" of the filter. The test capacity of the Aquaversa MP750 is 1,500 gallons, so NSF’s "rated capacity" for that model is 50% of those gallons, or 750 gallons. The logic behind this is, since customers are not measuring actual water usage, NSF wants to establish a wide margin of error for when the filter cartridges are replaced.

If, however, the manufacturer includes a "performance indication device," such as the Capacity Monitor included with the Aquaversa MP1200EL, and the customer can measure the actual water usage to more accurately time filter cartridge replacement, the manufacturer can claim 80% of the test capacity. For the Aquaversa MP1200EL, that's a rated capacity of 1,200 gallons.

Generally speaking, recommends the MP1200EL model for families of four or more, and for office or higher volume environments. Otherwise, consumers should plan to replace the filter cartridge annually, which also will serve to maintain the manufacturer’s lifetime housing warranty.

Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding how to choose the best Multipure product for your home!

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