Making Your Drinking Water Safe in an Emergency

Friday, July 4, 2014 - by Water2Drink

Oh, no! Your community just issued a boil water alert due to a water main break, and the authorities don’t know how long it will last. What will you do to protect your family?

If you own a Multipure Water Emergency Treatment (WET) System, the answer is relatively simple: treat and filter your tap water to make it safe to drink. The WET System comes with everything you will need to produce safe, clean drinking water. Here’s how it works:
1.       1.  Fill the collapsible bucket included in the WET System with tap water to the designated level.
2.       2.  Add the disinfection tablets that are included in the WET system, stir until dissolved, and then let the water stand for a few minutes.
3.       3.  Screw the provided plastic fitting into one of the two Multipure EF8 emergency carbon block filters included in the WET System.
4.       4.  Attach to the fitting the plastic tubing provided in the WET System, and make sure the shutoff valve on the plastic tubing is closed.
5.       5.  Place the bucket on a tabletop or other raised surface and put the EF8 filter inside the bucket, letting the other end of the plastic tubing extend well below the bucket.
6.       6.  Place the open end of the plastic tubing into a suitable container to collect filtered water.
7.       7.  Let the filter soak for a few minutes and then open the shutoff valve on the plastic tubing.
8.       8.  Let gravity pressure do the rest. In very little time, fresh clean water will begin flowing through the EF8 filter and out the plastic tubing into the drinking water container.
9.       9.  When the source water bucket is empty, refill and repeat the process as often as needed until safe water service has been restored.

The WET System becomes your backup drinking water source in case of emergency. The Multipure WET System requires no electricity, hand tools, or anything else except water. Everything you will need is included in the kit.

How do you obtain a Multipure WET System? This product currently is not offered for sale, however, it’s available for FREE when you purchase a new Multipure Drinking Water System for your home or office. Click here for more information about this limited time offer, available from

Prepare now, and be ready when a water emergency strikes in your neighborhood!

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