Arsenic Groundwater Contamination

Monday, May 20, 2013 - by Water2Drink

Is There Arsenic Contamination in Your Local Groundwater?

Arsenic is a naturally occurring groundwater contaminant that poses dire consequences for public health. The Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for arsenic permitted by the US EPA is just 10 parts per billion (ppb), but even that amount may be too much. The EPA requires all public water authorities to regularly test the water supply for arsenic and other contaminants, and send local consumers an annual water quality report with the test results. Do you regularly read yours? Does it list even trace amounts of arsenic? If so, you should consider using an effective drinking water filter to help mitigate the health risk to you and your family.

To see if you should be concerned, you can view a map produced by the US Geological Survey showing arsenic concentrations that have been identified across the United States at
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