Not Everything Should be Bigger in Texas

Sunday, January 15, 2017 - by Water2Drink

A recent News4SA (San Antonio News) report warns nearby residents that for almost a year, they have had #asbestos – a LOT of asbestos – in their drinking water. And regarding asbestos, the familiar #Texas slogan definitely should not apply.

The leaders of Devine, TX, about 40 miles southwest of San Antonio, don’t know how the problem occurred but they are “reassuring residents… that the water is safe.”

According to the News4SA report, the “Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) records reveal one reading in January of 44.3 MFL – more than six times the maximum contamination limit set by the Environmental Protection Agency. In October of last year, two samples contained more than twice the limit.” Officials hope that these numbers reveal it’s a sampling problem, instead of a full contamination of the drinking water.

The general public often assumes that their suppliers of drinking water (either their local government or private companies) are aware of #EPA guidelines, and that the suppliers provide all possible deterrents to water contamination. However, this situation shows that, even while the drinking water supplier (in this case, the city of #Devine) is aware of the EPA regulations, they cannot always know when or how contamination occurs. Often, system-wide drinking water contamination is detected well after the contamination has occurred, and residents are left wondering, “How long have I been drinking contaminated water?”

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