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Remember the movie, Erin Brockovich? The March, 2000, movie is a biographical film based on the true story of Ms. #Brockovich, a legal crusader who fought Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California for releasing Chromium VI (or, hexavalent chromium), which made its way into the public drinking water system in Hinkley, CA.

While some of the events of the movie may be dramatized for effect, chromium-6 is a very real contaminant with serious side effects. It is a human #carcinogen when inhaled, and can increase the risk of lung cancer. Skin irritation, asthma, perforated nasal septa, nosebleed, nasal cancer, sinus cancer, eye damage, kidney and liver damage, pulmonary congestion and edema, gastric pain, and erosion/discoloration of one’s teeth are all health effects associated with exposure to chromium-6.

You may believe this problem was limited to just California, but a recent report from the Environmental Working Group (#EWG) states that “Under an Environmental Protection Agency program, from 2013 to 2015, local water utilities took more than 60,000 water samples and found chromium-6 in more than 75 percent of samples” (emphasis added). Furthermore, while certain large cities such as Phoenix, Houston, and Los Angeles have the highest levels of contamination, the EWG reports, “every U.S. water system serving more than 1 million people has chromium-6 concentrations that could be harmful.”

Water2Drink is proud to exclusively offer Multipure International’s family of Drinking Water Filtration Systems. With the recent prevalence of news stories regarding #chromium-6, Multipure has released a statement which specifically addresses the solutions offered by Multipure systems. Specifically:
  • “Multipure’s AquaRO Reverse Osmosis system is NSF-certified under Standard 58 for the reduction of Chromium VI.
  • Additionally, Multipure has performed independent testing on the CB6 filter cartridge for the reduction of Chromium VI, and the filter was able to meet Standard 53 performance for reduction of Chromium VI for a capacity of 600 gallons. However, because the published capacity of the CB6 filter is 750 gallons, we are unable to add an NSF-certified claim at that rated capacity.” (Note: the CB6 filter is for the Aquaversa family of drinking water systems. – Water2Drink)
  • “Multipure is in the process of full NSF certification for the Aqualuxe Drinking Water System for the reduction of Chromium VI, which will meet Standard 53 performance for its certified capacity of 500 gallons. We look forward to adding this claim to the Aqualuxe in the near future.”
If you would like more information, EWG has produced an interactive map to see if your county was included in the recent chromium-6 testing, and whether tap water systems in your area are affected. You can also contact with questions, and we can help you determine the best Multipure Drinking Water System for your specific filtration needs.

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