Water Is Life

Friday, October 2, 2015 - by Water2Drink

This week, the scientific world was eager to announce the evidence of water on Mars, a planetary neighbor of Earth’s in our solar system. In reporting on NASA’s announcement, a USA Today online article reports that Mars “boasts multiple seeps of salt-laden water that were wet, or at least damp, as recently as last year.”

The evidence of water (dark streaks flowing on the slopes of Mars’ craters and mountains) includes “the signature of waterlogged molecules of perchlorate, chemicals made up of chlorine and oxygen,” reports the USA Today article. “Something is moistening Mars’ ample deposits of perchlorate, said study leader Lujendra Ojha ... And that something must be liquid water.”

So why is this such big news? Water is truly the key to all life. Without water, no life as we understand it could possibly exist. Water is the primary element that planetary scientists seek out to determine if life can be supported on other planets, as it is here on Earth.

Today, Water2Drink asks that you take a moment to recognize the enormity of what our Earth has to offer. Our Earth provides incredible variety in the many species of plants and animals. Its weather patterns carve incredible landscapes. Its atmosphere of precisely regulated gasses and elements. Its ability to regenerate. Can you recognize the importance of water in each of these systems? Without water, the Earth’s environment would be drastically different, and certainly not life-sustaining.

Water is life. Cherish it.

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